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Hello everyone,

New(ish) member here. I have some seeds left over that I'm trying to get rid of. They are listed by year and are wrapped in packets, each packet (1 trade) should contain at least the same amount of seed as you'd find in one of those store-brought paper packets, sometimes 2x to 3x times (depends on how much I have and how lazy I got at the end of packaging). All of them will germinate (have tried) readily. I have:

Anethum graveolens (dill) - mammoth pickling variety [2 cups' worth]
Ipomoea purpurea (morning glory) - white, pink & purple mix [2 trades]
*Ipomoea purpurea (morning glory) - white, pink & purple mix [1 trade]
Mirabilis jalapa (four o' clock) - magenta [4 trades]
Zea mays (corn) - ruby red popcorn [4 trades]
Zea mays (corn)- yellow & blue mix popcorn [9 trades]
Zea mays (corn)- pink mix popcorn [7 trades]
Zea mays (corn)- cream mix popcorn [2 trades]

*Lobularia maritima (sweet alyssum) - fragrant "carpet of snow" [1 trade]

I'm willing to trade for snapdragons, sugar snap peas, and parsley (one packet for three or three for one, either's fine), if anyone's got some spare seeds lying around. I also will send the seed out for free if anyone's interested, though I do request that, if you ask for three packets of seeds or more, to mail me a self-addressed envelope (regular or small bubble envelope) with stamps (um...3 packets of corn seeds that I mailed out this morning requires 1.34$ of postage).

Let me know if you're interested!

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