Jessi (aazhie) wrote in freeplants,

Arums, anyone?

I am really into Corpse flowers, if anyone sees any catalogues that atre advertising something from the arum family that puts out a decent florescent, let me know!
I grow my own black calla lilies, and a really weird plant that looks like a cross between a calla and a voodoo lily. I currently have some Typhoniums and Venosum bulbs putting out leaves, one is starting to flower. These plants grow like weeds in california, they are like calla lilies and put out some great stinky flowers. The flies love them, and they tned to have reticulated stems that look like snakeskin and dark red purple fleshy looking flowers. They are super exotic and just make me a happy lady. :D
If anyone is interested in bulbs when the plants have died back, I am looking to trade for other exotic looking plants, or maybe just random stuff you may not want, not too piacky. My Dracunculus Vulgaris (2) both died back recently, so i could probably dig them up and see if there are any baby bulbs to give away, notify me if interested!

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